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Press Release: Romantic Guitar II

Romantic Guitar II – Guitarist George Collichio
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“Romantic Guitar 2” combines the talents of guitarist, George Collichio, of Rochester New York, and veteran music producer, Tim Coffman, from San Diego CA. The way the two men met is interesting. George had heard of Tim Coffman and his music through a local radio station in Rochester NY that was playing several of Tim’s CD tracks. In early 1998 George contacted Tim and asked him if he would be interested in producing a CD of George’s original music. Both men agreed to work together and in June, 1998 George came to San Diego for 10 days and recorded “Field Or Jarr”, a CD of 10 original songs. “It was during the recording of those tracks, said Tim, that I began to realize the awesome talent that George has. Like all great instrumentalists, George can make his guitar communicate many different emotions. You can feel the melody “dancing” when he plays”.

In October 1998 Tim Coffman invited George back to San Diego to record 20 original Rolltop Music songs and the “Romantic Guitar” series was born. George Collichio, in addition to holding a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York, has also studied music theory at the world-renowned Eastman School of Music and is a well-known and respected guitarist in the New York area.

His style is a combination of classical, jazz, rock, blues and Spanish music and he brings an inspiration to his work that is refreshing George also teaches guitar at Elim College and owns George Collichio School of Music which has some 200 students.

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